Thursday, December 22, 2011

Montoya and Ullstrom Add to Concussion Total

The other night against the Winnipeg Jets, both Al Montoya and David Ullstrom were injured and are now out indefinitely with concussions.

Ullstrom went down in sort of a freak injury, but Montoya was taken out in brutal fashion by Jets' winger Evander Kane, who crashed the net hard and then lifted his and made contract to Montoya's head.

Nicholas Pugliese: This marks the 5th and 6th Islanders to go down with a concussion this year. Combine that with the two New York Rangers to be affected and that is eight New Yorkers out for part of the year with a concussion. A bit ridiculous if you ask me.

The Ullstrom and Michael Sauer one's were unfortunate and caused by the boards, but that play on Montoya was just terrible.  I understand it is hard for a player to stop when driving to the net, but you can not cross-check the goalie to the head. That is simply unacceptable under any circumstance. How he has not been suspended I don't know.

I'm also pretty upset the Islanders pulled a Buffalo Sabers and did not go after Kane. Not to mention Kane is 5'10", not a monster like Lucic


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