Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 15 Picks

For what it is worth I had the Falcons and Cowboys in the first two games of the week. Those were two very easy choices.

  • Miami at Buffalo - Miami
  • Seattle at Chicago - Seattle
  • Carolina at Houston - Houston
  • Tennessee at Indianapolis - Tennessee
  • Green Bay at Kansas City - Green Bay
  • Cincinnati at St. Louis - Cincinnati
  • Detroit at Oakland - Detroit
  • Cleveland at Arizona - Arizona
  • New England at Denver - Denver
  • Baltimore at San Diego - Baltimore
  • Pittsburgh at San Francisco - San Francisco
It's the Christmas season so I think Tebow has enough magic left for one massive upset.  Some pretty good games with San Fran/Pitts, Detroit/Oakland, I am personally excited for Carolina/Houston. Should be an interesting week, but outside of Gotham by sights are set on the Brady/Tebow showdown just like everyone else.

I will be doing the Jets and Giants previews tomorrow.


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