Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things Not Looking Good For Gary Carter

The NY Daily News is reporting that Gary Carter's brain cancer has become extremely grave.

According to the report several new tumors have shown up on his brain and that his symptoms have considerably worsened as of late.

Doctors are debating if they should continue to forgo treatment on Carter.

Nicholas Pugliese: I'm not old enough to have watched Carter play, but I still have the utmost respect for him. Based on stories I've heard and reruns of the Mets I've watched it's clear he was a great player.

That being said, I am not sold on the idea his number needs to be retired.

I do not have a close connection with that '86 team and based off the numbers I have to say he doesn't deserve it. Four All-Star appearances and a World Sereis victory is extremely impressive, but his time with the Mets was so short lived that I just don't see it. There are a number of guys who deserve it over him that have yet to secure the honor, but that is a conversation for another day, and his extremely unfortunate illness should not pressure the Mets into retiring his number.


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