Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week 15 Picks

I only went 9-7 on my picks last week because gangs of Gotham screwed me over. I had Houston winning Thursday night so I am already 0-1 this week.
  • Dolphins at Patriots - Patriots
  • Jaguars at Titans - Titans
  • Buccaneers at Panthers - Panthers
  • Rams at Steelers - Steelers
  • Browns at Ravens - Ravens
  • Cardinals at Bengals - Cardinals
  • Vikings at Redskins - Redskins
  • Broncos at Bills - Broncos
  • Raiders at Chiefs - Raiders
  • Chargers at Lions - Chargers
  • Eagles at Cowboys - Eagles
  • 49ners at Seahawks - 49ners
  • Bears at Packers - Packers
  • Falcons at Saints - Saints
Three games of the week will be Cardinals at Bengals, Chargers at Lions, and Eagles at Cowboys (not counting your hometown playoff of course). I have a good feelings the Cardinals game will be wild, the Chargers and Lions are set up for a shoot off, and the Eagles and Cowboys are naturally a great fit and with so much on the line this game could be beyond great. A lot more exciting games than I was expecting late in the season.


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