Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week 16 Previews: G-Men at Gang Green

Not quiet the Sharks vs. the Jets, but the G-Men better hope they can swarm all over the Sanchize if they want a chance at winning.

Jason Pierre-Paul has been an absolute tear the last couple weeks, as he has been the whole season, but the Giants are going to need a huge game from Justin Tuck for any shot at winning this game.  The Giants just don't have the man power to cover Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress, and Dustin Keller all day, so a hand will need to always be in Sanchez's face.  Sanchez isn't the best quarterback under pressure either so the Giants might actually force some turnovers that way.

Despite everyone taking shots at Victor Cruz for his comments directed at Darelle Revis, my key for the Jets victory is if they can contain Mr. Cruz. Revis is going to have his hands full all day with Hakeem Nicks, and much like how the Jets had trouble guarding Wes Welker when Revis was focused on Randy Moss, Cruz coming out of the slot is going to be a big problem.  Cruz may not be on the same level as Welker, but I remember Welker putting up some crazy career best total against the Jets and Cruz does have a similar big play ability which makes him very dangerous. Add into the fact that Jim Leonhard is hurt and it makes me even more worried on if they can contain him. I can also see Rex bringing some blitz packages to make up for no Leonhard and trying to contain the Giants recently hot running game, which opens up that quick pass for Eli to Cruz.

Now I think this is a game the Jets SHOULD win, which is why I am going to pick the Giants.  The G-Men have tendency to play down to their competition (see Redskins, Seahawks, Redskins) and up to their competition (see Cowboys, Packers, Patriots). Ill also take Eli over Sanchez is a pressure game so put me down for 31-21 Giants.


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